Transforming your operations through analytic apps


Focused on one business problem at a time

Low Overhead

Average time the client spends with us during the entire project
1 hour/week


1/3rd the time of an equivalent alternative; typical time to implement - 4-8 Weeks

Cost Effective

1/3 the cost of viable alternatives

Our secret sauce = Our Platform + Our Team

Our Platform

Our Team

  • Business: 60+ person-years of Operational transformation experience at institutions such as GE, McKinsey and Novartis.

  • Advanced Math Modeling: Strong team of data scientists including PhDs in Data Topology, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Statistics.

  • System: 100+ years experience in building large scale, distributed computing systems at institutions such as Yahoo and Oracle.

200+ Targeted Apps Built Across 4 Problem Spaces

Improve revenue performance in online, bricks-and-mortar and direct sales

  • Forecasting and target setting
  • Sales performance dashboards
  • Recommendation engine for upsell
  • Churn risk prediction
  • Sales funnel conversions

Deliver excellent service through resource matching and customer insight

  • Predictive modeling of labor demand
  • Rules-based optimization of assets
  • Rules-based labor schedule optimization
  • Sentiment analysis of customer feedback

Increase the production efficiency of the manufacturing line

  • Production line efficiency (OEE)
  • Production schedule optimization
  • Changeover optimization
  • Material yield optimization

Improve the visibility and velocity of items in the supply chain

  • Inventory optimization and visibility
  • Freight tracking and visibility
  • Global warehouse control panel
  • Supply chain network optimization

Configurable Apps

Delivered rapidly using pre-built modules

Reduce costs and increase customer
satisfaction by optimizing your
labor planning and scheduling processes

Accelerate sales through science-based,
data-driven account management

Harmonize and clean your data
to drive your analytic needs

SaaS Products

Accelerate your patient satisfaction efforts through Advanced Analytics


Create, manage and collaborate on your A3s online on any device

Our Clients

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About Us

Our leadership team

LeanTaaS is led by a highly experienced team bringing a wide range of operational and technology experience.

Team 1

Mohan Giridharadas

CEO and Founder

18 years at McKinsey and a leader in the operations practice. Fanatical about driving operational impact through analytics.

Team 1

Jagadish Changavi

VP of Engineering

"Father" of the LeanTaaS VIA platform and the guiding light behind all of LeanTaaS' engineering efforts.

Team 1

Jayant Lakshmikanthan

VP of Customer Solutions

Leads the solutions team of analysts, data scientists and operational consultants that drive application design and implementation.

Team 1

Gabriela Olazabal

Director, Customer Solutions

Drives solution design and implementation across various verticals. Treats her team, customers and projects with an attention to detail that's second to none.

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