Virtually Every Hospital Has Three
Big Problems

Long Wait Times

The "first come, first served" way of scheduling appointments results in long patient waiting times

Underutilization of Resources

Manual scheduling typically results in a "midday rush" and severe underutilization in the mornings and evenings

Unhappy Nurses

Unbalanced patient flows result in chaotic nurse schedules, missed lunches, and lost productivity

Meet LeanTaaS iQueue
Make Patient Scheduling "Smart"

LeanTaaS iQueue looks at the big picture - your resource availability, staff schedules, operating hours, appointment history and hundreds of other parameters, and uses machine learning combined with patented mathematical models to ensure smooth patient flows throughout the day. Your resources are fully utilized, staff time is balanced, and patients get better access to treatment.

  • Patient flow(before)

  • Patient flow(after)

  • Maximize Resource Usage

    LeanTaaS iQueue ensures all your resources (infusion chairs, surgery rooms, MRI / CAT scan, etc.) are fully utilized at capacity throughout the day

  • Lower Patient Waiting Times

    LeanTaaS iQueue guarantees smoother patient flows throughout the day so patients spend less time waiting and more time with care providers

  • Balance Staff Schedules

    LeanTaaS iQueue optimizes nurse and physician time so they spend more time seeing patients

Secure & Easy to Deploy

  • Secure

    LeanTaaS iQueue is HIPAA compliant and exceeds industry standards in safeguarding your data

  • Easy to Use

    LeanTaaS iQueue doesn't need complex hospital IT integrations; it just plugs into your data once, adds some information, and starts learning

  • Easy to Deploy

    LeanTaaS iQueue does not add any additional steps to your existing workflows; it's easy to use and works with any EHR system (Epic, Cerner, etc.)

Optimizes appointment slots for infusion treatments

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Optimizes appointment slots for clinics (oncology, endocrinology, diabetes, etc.)

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